Lena is an innovator and published author in the field of Relational Gestalt Therapy. She has integrated somatic practices that work directly with the memories stored in nervous system to include the whole body in the therapy. Through her own deep process of healing, she has recognized that the experience in the body is a critical element for healing and for integration of shifts in understanding. Lena has found that Relational Gestalt Therapy together with somatic therapies give a person a different way to interact with their environment so they can live from a place that is more true to their nature -- complete, safe, peaceful and whole. She knows the terrain from the inside and because of this, she is a gifted and humble guide.

Other important elements of her approach/experience:

*Since Lena knows that an effective clinical approach is different for each individual, she has also been trained in Somatic Experiencing;

*Lena has also been educated in neuroscience so she can speak to and integrate knowledge about the neuro-scientific aspect of trauma;

*She is sensitive to cultural diversity, for she has practiced and been educated in Europe and the United States and worked with people from varied cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in her work in the educational system;

*She works with the whole family to re-establish proper relationship dynamics with respect for the individual and the family as unit;

*She has worked with children as young as 4 years old for individual therapy, and younger children together with their parent/s.

** See section on Modalities